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Image of Bright Coffee - Gilberto Rojas (Columbia)

Bright Coffee - Gilberto Rojas (Columbia)


Bright coffee is roasted with a focus on balancing brightness with sweetness. It’s that coffee that tastes like a freshly picked apple with the perfect amount of tartness to compliment its sweetness.

This coffee is clean and crisp. It tastes like cane sugar and dark chocolate. I find a pleasant floral finish which has been described as hibiscus.

340 grams whole beans
Recommended brewing method: espresso or drip
Farmer: Gilberto Rojas
Origin: Acevedo, Huila, Columbia
Processing: Washed, Fermented x 36 hrs, Parabolic Patio Dried
Elevation: 1700 masl
Varietals: Yellow + Red Columbia
Importer: Apex Coffee

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