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Image of Surprise Coffee  - Aquiares Red Honey (Costa Rica)

Surprise Coffee - Aquiares Red Honey (Costa Rica)


Surprise coffee is chosen because it offers something that you might not be expecting. It's that coffee that will catch you off-guard with interesting and delicious flavours.

This coffee's taste reminds me of a the delicate stone-fruit of an African coffee; which makes sense given its heritage. I find a unique body which is quite clean and silky with the sweetness of blueberry and peach.

340 grams whole beans
Recommended brewing method: drip / espresso
Farmer: Aquiares Estate
Origin: Turrialba Volcano, Costa Rica
Processing: Prefloated, Depulped, Patio Dried x 2 days, African Raised Bed Dried x 8
days, Mechanically Dried x 1 day (Red Honey)
Elevation: 1200 - 1400 masl
Varietals: F1 Centroamericano (Sarchimor X Rume Sudan)
Importer: West Coast Coffee Traders

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